Hazardous Chemical Information System (HCIS)

Exposure Standard Details

Standard Name Lead, inorganic dusts & fumes (as Pb)
Exposure Standard Synonym
Cas Number 7439-92-1
Time Weighted Average (parts per million) -
Time Weighted Average (mg/m3) 0.05
Short Term Exposure Limit (parts per million) -
Short Term Exposure Limit (mg/m3) -
Notes Carc. 2; The workplace exposure standard for ‘Lead, inorganic dusts & fumes (as Pb)’ was updated on 27 April 2018 in line with the decision of ministers responsible for work health and safety. This WES has a recommended transition period of two years. For information about transitional arrangements in your jurisdiction, please contact your local WHS Regulator
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History Logs

Date Description
18/02/2020 Standard Added